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About Us


Empower homeless youth and transform communities through the love of Jesus.


End the population of homeless youth. Where God calls us, we will go!


Faith – Perseverance – Love – Patience

Haiti holds the unenviable position of being the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. At least 80% of the population lives in poverty, including a large number of street children.

Street children are defined as children three to sixteen years of age for whom the street has become home ~ more so than any sheltering by family. Children who live on the street have lost their families through natural disasters, illness or abandonment due to financial hardship. Abusive, dysfunctional, poverty-stricken dynamics at home often leave little alternative.

Every story is different.

Since street children generally do not have protection, supervision or direction, they are vulnerable targets for exploitation, vulnerable to disease and addictions due to hunger and abuse. Typically, they resort to theft and violence as a means to an end. They are frequently exploited sexually, which is a topic not often discussed in Haitian culture. While it may not be “acceptable” it happens constantly.

Streethearts works as a change agent for street kids in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, helping to redirect the course of their lives by providing for fundamental needs along their path from childhood to adulthood. We don’t believe in institutionalizing children. Each child steps into an individualized life plan when they enroll. The key to self-improvement starts with each child’s acceptance of who he is and developing his plan for the future.

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